Monday, September 3, 2012

The Beginning

I am a celiac, and this means accepting the challenge of cooking (and baking) a whole new way.

But who said eating gluten free had to be tasteless and boring?  A few years ago, let alone a decade ago, a celiac diagnosis was significantly more devastating than it is now.  It is becoming so common, alongside people's choices to simply eat healthier.  More GF food products are available, and even restaurants are becoming increasingly celiac friendly.  I am really not surprised at this diagnosis for myself.  My grandmother has had it for as long as I've known, and my mother has had it for a few years already also.  They gave up pastries, brownies, home baked bread... and the list goes on.  But as we (the celiacs) grow in numbers in our family, the motivation to discover how to bake these delicacies again also grows.

So here I go!  With the help of gluten-free bloggers ahead of me, and a few favourite recipes, I embrace the challenge of cooking (and baking) gluten free.  Just for fun, I decided I'd share my adventures along the way.  Feel free to tag along!

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